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Accept tithes, offerings and payments on your website using customized forms. Members can give one-time or recurring gifts using credit card, debit card or EFT/ACH.  It’s easy to use, and we handle all the technology for you.

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Make it easy for your members to give on the go, anywhere, anytime. Combining QR Codes and Mobile Giving will provide your members more convenient ways to give.

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Our First Fruits Giving Program allows your members to have their offerings automatically transferred from their checking, savings, debit card or credit card account.  Encourage your members to give weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Learn more...

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The First in America!!

More than 30 years ago, EFT Corporation processed the first EVER electronic funds transfer ACH/EFT donation for a non-profit organization in the United States.   Since then a lot has changed, but we are still the same company with the same commitment to the non-profit community.



"We have the new donate button up on all three of our Facebook pages. I just used it this morning for a memorial donation. So easy, so convenient, instant acknowledgment. LOVE IT!  Thank your team for making this happen." 



"I am so thankful for your services EFT! You have been a lifesaver for our Church-Organization!" 

EFT Corporation is a PCI (Payment

Card Industry) compliant service provider. 

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weekly transaction frequency

All EFT services and applications now include the weekly transaction frequency. Recurring credit card, debit card and ACH transactions can now be made automatically​ on a weekly basis.  If you don't already have it, see how easy it is to add the weekly frequency to your EFT program both online and offline.

- Credit, Debit, ACH / EFT, eCheck

- Easy Online Donation Form Set Up

- Simple for Member and Staff Use

- Customized Forms and Reports

- Dedicated Customer Service Rep

Immediate Automatic Settlement

- Low Cost and PCI Compliant

​- 35 Years Serving Churches

Accept donations, tithes and offerings from

your church website, Facebook and face-to-face!


EFT service and experience makes it just as easy to include and integrate your offline and online payments  

   Virtual Terminal

EFT can create QR Codes that will direct your donors to online giving / payment forms, event pages, and any other area of your website you wish!  It is time to put QR Codes on your church bulletin and all other print materials.

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Immediate and automatic settlement of funds

   First Fruits Giving Program

   Mobile Giving & Payments

Accept donations, offerings and payments seamlessly from your Facebook Page. Members can give one-time or recurring gifts using credit card, debit card or EFT/ACH.  It’s easy to use, and we handle all the technology for you.

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Access to online reporting, analytics and tools for an unlimited number of users

No setup or activation fee required

Unlimited QR Code registrations and setups included at no extra charge

ACH / eCheck Processing is included with no extra monthly charge

  Facebook Giving & Pmt Apps

Customized PDF and print enrollment forms are included for all your online and offline payment needs

Free Facebook App customized and branded to match your website / Facebook page

Easy Merchant Account approval and setup


​  Online Donation Forms

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client testimonials


jared holsing, associate pastor
​United Wesleyan Church, Alexandria, VA

"We checked out several other corporations, some huge ones that offered lower rates

(at least at first look). We crunched the numbers all kinds of ways on the fees.  In the end we felt like the whole package offered by EFT was great, plus they understand the nonprofit/church scene, etc.  Their service has been great--very prompt." 

The Virtual Terminal gives you the capability to process donations, tithes, offerings and payments, face-to-face, over the phone and from direct mail.  No equipment to buy or software to install.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  Learn more...